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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service in Orange County, CA

We all know that dirt and other particles collect throughout the years in your home’s ventilation and air ducts. HVAC systems collect bacteria, fungi, mold, and various other contaminants that reduce the air quality that are breathed in by both residents and visitors. Dirty air ducts contribute to bad indoor air quality which affects the household’s residents’ health.

Why Hire An Air Duct Cleaning Company? 

Air duct cleaning services remove those contaminants from the HVAC system of a home to achieve the highest indoor air quality possible.

The most effective method for cleaning a ventilation system and/or air duct is using a powerful, specialized vacuum that puts the ventilation system / air duct under negative pressure. While air is drawn through the system by the vacuum, devices get inserts into the air ducts in order to dislodge debris and contaminants from interior surfaces, which moves the debris and contaminants from the ventilation system and air ducts of the home into the vacuum.  

How often should you clean your an air duct (HVAC system)?

  • Residents with asthma or allergies benefit from improved indoor air quality 
  • Water damage or contamination to the HVAC system or home 
  • Pets that shed dander and hair 
  • Number of smokers who live in the household 
  • Following home remodeling or renovations 
  • Prior to occupying a new house 

How Long Does Cleaning Take?

  • The size of the house 
  • How many HVAC cleaners are on the job
  • How extensive the contamination is
  • How many system there are

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